Day 65:The Very Blustery Night

There are few things I enjoy more than a thunderstorm.

I know a loud storm is unnerving for lots of people. It can be quite scary. Wolf and I aren’t those type of people. One of our life goals is to become storm chasers when we retire. If we’re going out anyway, it may as well be while doing what we love.

Thunderstorms are energizing for us. Watching the clouds mirror the water as they roll across the sky is just thrilling. When most people areĀ heading the forecasters’ warnings and seeing shelter, Wolf and I can usually be found watching the sky in out front yard or enjoying the rain from our porch.

The later is how we’ve decided to spend out evening. There’s a tornado watch in effect but it doesn’t feel like anything serious will happen here. It’s still warm and nice outside tonight, if you can stand the rain.


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