Day 133: Sundays With Mom

I don’t spend enough time with my mother. She isn’t that old and doesn’t need to much help, but I do like when I can help her around the house. Every time I do, I feel as if I gain some secret piece of ancestral knowledge.

My mother is the best cook I know. She’s shared the family cookbook worth me, but I can’t do the recipes justice. There are just some things that over fort years of practice will teach you.

She kind of serves as the family historian as well. Mom knows which cousin comes from which branch of our clan, who got married, who had babies, all that type stuff. Mom is also the person to talk to if you want to know the family gossip.

My mother is amazing and I’ll probably make a better post about her for Mother’s Day. This is just what I can think of while I’m sitting at her kitchen table. I can only hope my own son thinks as highly of me in his adult years.


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