Day 405: Slip

My doctor is taking his sweet time about refilling my meds. I skipped a dose today because I only have one pill left. The plan was to save it until I really need it.

Based on the way I feel at the moment, tomorrow might be the day. Work has been killer.


Day 400: Hooray

It’s day 400.
I feel like there are a lot of things I could say.
Things that I probably should get of my chest. Seeing as how I know that festering feelings turn into cancer and heart disease, I should never hold anything in. I should tell everyone how I feel and let the consequences be dammed.
If I were worth a damn, that’s what I’d do.
I’m not worth damn.
And I’ve learned to repress negative emotions like a champ. I’ve been doing it for decades.

So, I’ll say thank you to my followers. Everything else, for the sake of others, shall remain deep inside.
Wonder what type of chronic illness develops?

Day 397: Prowl

I’m fairly certain that I’ll have a bachelor’s degree by the fall.

Therefore, I’ve started looking for a new career.

Ultimately, one in my chosen field would be lovely. Although, I am open to something totally new. I just need good benefits and pay.

I don’t think relocation is an option. I’m barely making ends meet in the Midwest. Living in a major job city could be more of a challenge that I’m ready for.

At any rate, I’m looking for a job again.