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Day 177: Hunker Down

I got some much needed rest today. Which is good because I decided to start reading the news again. I need all the strength I can muster.

Americans still can’t manage to take care of who needs it most. Just more of the “get rich while scamming the poor” shtick. It’s old and we’re tired of it.

Call you senators and pitch a fit. People are going to die if we don’t.

Day 173: Locked Up


It’s that time again!


I’ve had these faux locs in my head for a while now and its time for them to come down. I know this is a lot of work, but it would be nice to have my own hair free again for a while.

I really love the faux locs. It’s a really cute look for me and I will probably get them reinstalled in a week or two. For now, however, I’m looking at several hours of tired hands and arms.

Wash day ahoy!

Day 158: Release Day!

I know I was supposed to write about fidget spinners today and I will post that particular rant at another time. Something more interesting has come up.


Prepare yourself for this!


Remember that exciting thing that I couldn’t talk about yet?

No, you say.

That’s okay. I remembered and today I can share the news. I have one of my essay’s published in Spoken Black Girl magazine!!!!!!!!! How amazing is that!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s a brand new, online magazine that talks about mental health, wellness, and beauty featuring women of color. Chock full of other writers and bloggers to follow and be inspired by. Go check it out, guys!

Day 132: Good Times

Anyone remember that show? It was kinda stereotype laden, but I can admit enjoying many episodes.

good times


I’m still feeling good today. The sunshine is really helping. My depression seems to have moved out with the warm front rolling in. Amazing.

How did the week treat you this time around? Does anyone have any fun plans for the weekend? Let me know in the comments.

Day 127: Update

Are you following me on social media? You probably should be. I’ve got links at the bottom of the screen that now finally include…

drumroll please…

A Facebook page!!!

I’ve been trying to avoid making one but I figured it couldn’t hurt. It’s just the Internet, you know.

You can like my on Facebook here if you are so inclined.

Hope you guys are having an awesome day!

Day 123: Let Down

I’m not the best parent, but I try to keep promises I make to the boy.

Today, I let him down.

The FIRST Robotics championships are in town for the next few days. Seeing as how the tickets are free, I told him we could go. He’s only ever wanted to be an engineer when he grows up. It’s one of his fixations that has lasted the longest. The boy was pretty excited.

Imagine my surprise when I read the schedule to discover that all of the cool events happen while we are at work and school. During the day.  All of the evening events are for the sponsors and competitors. I was crushed. I hated breaking the news to him. He didn’t seem too disappointed, but I know he really wanted to see the robots. We can’t go any other day because he’s leaving on a Boy Scout trip tomorrow after school.

This wasn’t in my control, but I still feel as if I’m at fault here. I can promise him something else to make up for it, but this was a big event. Things like this don’t come around often in the Midwest.

I’ll figure something out.

Day 121: Reminder

Hey! You!

Yeah, you.

Have you taken care of yourself today?

Showered? Taken your meds. Gone outside?

Stand up and stretch. Right now. Go on.

Twist a little. Don’t forget your neck.

Now go and get yourself a glass of water. Drink it all. Refill your glass and drink it again.

There. Don’t you feel better?

It’s harder to fight the good fight if you don’t take care of yourself.

This was your reminder for today!

Day 112: Leaves and Branches

Today, I visited my old home. The property used to belong to my grandparents and I grew up in the house with them, my mom, and my aunts and uncles.

The old house isn’t there anymore. My aunt had a new one built and she lives there now. The construction process meant that lots of our old foliage had to go. I’m talking about trees that my grandfather planted. He planted a tree every time one of us was born, until he couldn’t physically do it anymore. I think mine was the last one. It was a young spruce in the center of the front yard.

The only tree remaining belonged to my grandmother. The story goes that it was a wedding gift. Today, it stands taller than the new house. The tree I used to climb as a child is still thriving; only a little bark damage from three generations of kids playing there.

Storms have taken a branch or two. Erosion has exposed some roots.  Nevertheless, the tree is still standing, still blooming every spring. New leaves and boughs growing every year.

The same point could be made about our family. There have been hardships and turmoil. Things that would tear apart those with less secure roots. In spite of all that, our family is still here, still growing, still thriving.

My grandmother’s tree outlived her and it will probably outlive me. It’s amazing to think about how your legacy can live on and change the perspective of your descendants. We should all be mindful of the seeds we are sowing for the future.