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Day 304: Musing

We are told that we shouldn’t allow our happiness to be dependent on someone else. That we must be content within ourselves before we can accept love from another. This  sounds well and good; self love is important and a valid goal to have. However, if you are fortunate enough to find someone who truly cares about you, they will help you to see yourself the way they see you. Flaws and all.

Despite your bad self esteem
Despite your weird laugh
Despite your terrible skin problems
Despite your inability to manage time properly
The right person will love every hair on your wretched little body.

And you won’t be able to understand why. It may even make you angry at times. You’ll become desperately frustrated that they don’t know why you are so awful.

At the same time, you don’t really want them to. A rational person would leave, for sure. They would use their energy on someone as wonderful as they are.
However, loving eyes can rarely see. Rose colored glasses and all that.

Having someone who wholly loves you is a life changing experience. I would hope that everyone could feel this way at some point in there lives, the longer the better.


Day 265:Death Doesn’t Discriminate

Another family friend passed away last night.

She had a massive stroke last Friday and never recovered.



I’m really out of sorts. Please, tell people how you feel about them while you can. If a relationship is broken, do what you can to fix it.

Please. You never know.

Day 224: Search

I’ve spent most of the day looking for a therapist. I’m looking for a black female one, optimally. I’ll settle for a sex positive woman, but I know what I really want.

My search has turned up not much of anything. It’s very disheartening.

If anyone knows of a good therapist (psychologist, psychiatrist, LCSW,) in the Saint Louis area, I’m open to suggestions.

Day 177: Hunker Down

I got some much needed rest today. Which is good because I decided to start reading the news again. I need all the strength I can muster.

Americans still can’t manage to take care of who needs it most. Just more of the “get rich while scamming the poor” shtick. It’s old and we’re tired of it.

Call you senators and pitch a fit. People are going to die if we don’t.

Day 173: Locked Up


It’s that time again!


I’ve had these faux locs in my head for a while now and its time for them to come down. I know this is a lot of work, but it would be nice to have my own hair free again for a while.

I really love the faux locs. It’s a really cute look for me and I will probably get them reinstalled in a week or two. For now, however, I’m looking at several hours of tired hands and arms.

Wash day ahoy!

Day 158: Release Day!

I know I was supposed to write about fidget spinners today and I will post that particular rant at another time. Something more interesting has come up.


Prepare yourself for this!


Remember that exciting thing that I couldn’t talk about yet?

No, you say.

That’s okay. I remembered and today I can share the news. I have one of my essay’s published in Spoken Black Girl magazine!!!!!!!!! How amazing is that!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s a brand new, online magazine that talks about mental health, wellness, and beauty featuring women of color. Chock full of other writers and bloggers to follow and be inspired by. Go check it out, guys!

Day 132: Good Times

Anyone remember that show? It was kinda stereotype laden, but I can admit enjoying many episodes.

good times


I’m still feeling good today. The sunshine is really helping. My depression seems to have moved out with the warm front rolling in. Amazing.

How did the week treat you this time around? Does anyone have any fun plans for the weekend? Let me know in the comments.

Day 127: Update

Are you following me on social media? You probably should be. I’ve got links at the bottom of the screen that now finally include…

drumroll please…

A Facebook page!!!

I’ve been trying to avoid making one but I figured it couldn’t hurt. It’s just the Internet, you know.

You can like my on Facebook here if you are so inclined.

Hope you guys are having an awesome day!