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Day 328: Maker

My holiday gift making blitz has officially begun. My hands aren’t gonna be good for too much outside of crocheting for the next couple of weeks.  Hopefully, I can finish everything in time.

We’ll see.


Day 326: Cold Air

On whim today, i made a cowl. I think it’s pretty neat. The temperature decided to plummet so I can start using it right away.

It’s very warm, too. I might make a couple more. I’ll post a picture later if I can.




Day 168: Travels

My son left for a week of camp this morning. I was a little nervous but I’m sure he’ll be fine. This is the farthest he’s gone without me and that’s a little jarring. He’s okay. It’s just church camp.

He had a choice between boy scout camp and church camp and he went with church. Shocking, I know. I don’t think there was spiritual reason. Church camp includes more air conditioning and less work; simple as that. I can’t be mad at him.

That said, I’m left with way more time to kill than is good for me. I’ve planned crochet projects, buy that really depends on how I’m feeling that day. If you are the praying sort, put in a good word for me this week.

I’d appreciate it.

Day 155: Twisting Yarn

In order to give my brain something to do, I’ve started a new crochet project. My friend is having twins and I’ve got baby shower gifts to make. I’ve got at least three items on my radar.

I know this is gonna take a little time and I gave myself plenty of it. The shower isn’t until September. I could make things all break as long as I can fight off my depression. YAY!

Day 85:Break Time

Spring is officially upon us and I, for one, am thrilled. The weather today was just the right amount of warm and pleasant to make one start dreaming of summer already.

I shouldn’t be wishing my life away either. I’ve got several months before Summer.

It’s nice to have some creative projects planned for this week. I always feel like I’m not getting enough done between my full time job, my full time education, and my full time family. Getting time to be creative is at a premium these days.

I’ve free from work this week so I’ve pick out some crochet projects to work on. I’ve also started early podcast planning with Wolf. He’s super excited and I think its adorable.

I hope your Spring is full of positive possibilities.