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Day 215: Cranky Pants

I can always tell that my mental state is getting worse when I start resenting happy people.

I spent a lot of my time om Twitter and Facebook and people are always showing off their joys. Births, weddings, promotions and the like are all over the place. I hate when I become the guy that gets seriously irritated seeing other people’s happiness. I wrote a little rant on Twitter while I was trying to deal with my self. More feelings of inadequacy are not exactly what I need.

How do neurotypicals do it? It seems impossible to have a “normal” duration of emotions. I feel things, positive and negative, longer than others. My bad feelings are amplified by my low self-esteem and depression on top of that.

I’m tired, friends.

Day 201: Heated

Today’s scheduled post was supposed to be about forgiveness.

Forget that.

My mother fucking air conditioner just broke. It just started screaming and stopped making cold air. I am LIVID!

As if I needed another damn thing. As if I needed to worry about ANOTHER DAMN THING!

Now, I have to go make dinner in the heat. Going out isn’t an option. FML.

Day 175: Off Day

I woke up this morning and immediately started crying.

There wasn’t anything wrong that I was aware of. Tears were just happening. I couldn’t make them stop.

So, I cried.

As a result, I’m really sensitive today. I wanted to work on some essays today, but it’s very difficult to put sentences together.

I’m going back to bed.