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Day 403: Tangled

I’m in a weird spot with my hair.

I want to grow it out and also cut all of it off.

I could take turns and do both, I suppose. My hair does have a nasty amount of breakage and split ends. The only real cure is to cut it off.

But it’s Winter. And it’s cold.

Hair keeps heat in.

I’m not sure what I really want to do.


Day 327: Retwist

I’m working on a twist out. They haven’t been turning out the way I like so I’ve avoided them for a couple months. I can’t pinpoint the problem. I need to get my ends clipped, for sure, but there has to be more to it than that.

I’m not having any growth either. Maybe because I get stressed and my hair starts thinning. Its a thought.

Day 236: Split (ends)

The thing I dislike most about my natural hair is how long it takes to work with. The detangling, prewashing, washing, deep conditioning, oiling and styling process that can take the better part of an of day to complete. On top of all that, I may not even like the finished product, but I’ll be damned if I start over. I just won’t be satisfied for a few days.

Can you guess what I did today?

Day 173: Locked Up


It’s that time again!


I’ve had these faux locs in my head for a while now and its time for them to come down. I know this is a lot of work, but it would be nice to have my own hair free again for a while.

I really love the faux locs. It’s a really cute look for me and I will probably get them reinstalled in a week or two. For now, however, I’m looking at several hours of tired hands and arms.

Wash day ahoy!

Day 125: Winning

I love making these daily victory posts. They really keep things in perspective for me.

Today I…

Got my hair done.

Managed to have a quiet day at my mother’s house.

Walked through a thunderstorm again.

Will have a private dinner with my husband!

Good day overall. What can you guys celebrate about today? Let me know in the comments.

Day 77: Changes

So, my twist out came out nicely.

See? Not too shabby.

The flat twist didn’t work out so I just did regular twists. Forgive my dark circles, they won’t go away. If I have to live with them, so does the internet.

Today is feeling more like winter than all of February did. The calendar says Spring begins in a few days, but I think we all know that Winter won’t be done with us until it decides its done. Spring and Winter always seem to have this battle every year. Both seasons are unwilling to give control to the other until Winter gets weary and eventually must escape to another part of the world. A place where Spring and Summer have their guard down.

That was a neat little mythos I just came up with. Writing is a hobby of mine. Maybe I should write more.

Day 76: DC

Today is deep conditioning/wash day. My hair has been needing it. It absorbs moisture like a dying man in the desert. My recent illness has made me neglectful to my hair and it shows. It’s downright crinkly and I need to stop mistreating myself in this manner.


Accurate depiction of how sexy I feel after washing and moisturizing.


After the wash, I’m gonna try my hand at a flat twist out. I’m really a novice and I’m terrible at doing my own hair. It’s so hard for me and its kind of embarrassing. My cornrows are trash and I need the practice.

I’ll post some pics tomorrow so I can be judged accordingly.