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Day 204: Steamed

Heat wave. Day one.

It’s too hot to think. Remember to check on your loved ones and hydrate!


Day 201: Heated

Today’s scheduled post was supposed to be about forgiveness.

Forget that.

My mother fucking air conditioner just broke. It just started screaming and stopped making cold air. I am LIVID!

As if I needed another damn thing. As if I needed to worry about ANOTHER DAMN THING!

Now, I have to go make dinner in the heat. Going out isn’t an option. FML.

Day 194: Heat

It’s been so hot outside. I don’t even want to go out. I don’t live in the hottest part of the world and I’m grateful for that. I’d die, for sure. I read that parts of the middle east reached 127° fahrenheit recently. That’s awful.

Climate change, am I right?

On a somewhat related note, I also read that men have a higher base body temperature than women on average. This is anecdotal, but my son and husband put out oppressive amounts of warmth. I could be freezing and my son will give me a hug. I’ve asked him if he feeling alright beside he felt feverish to me.

My  husband wants to lay close to me at night but I can’t let him in the summer. I can’t sleep if I’m too warm and I’ve woken up in a puddle of sweat many a night. His body heat is much more welcome in Winter. My cold toes are so glad to have him around.

Anyway, today is predicted to be quiet warm again. I’d better get my shopping done before noon.

Day 154: Inside

I’m having a lot of feelings today. Not necessarily good ones either.

I love the free time that summer gives me, but it may be a little too much. My mind needs something to do or I’ll start torturing myself. It hasn’t been a week and I’m already not feeling great.

Writing about my concerns helps some. I manage to get out of my own head for a moment while I try to explain things. I don’t want to start paying a therapist again. It isn’t in the budget for the next ten to twelve weeks.

Money is a large part of my problem. No work means no income. No income means staying inside to save the little money I have. Staying home makes my depression worse and I start to feel trapped. I start feeling guilty for not working, but I need this break. The school year has become overly exhausting and summer becomes the only respite I get. It’s truly a nasty cycle.

I guess I’ll just keep lying around.