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Day 208: Bouncy Balls

We’ve had a break in the heat. A massive thunderstorm rolled through last night. It was amazing. Lots of wind, rain, lightning and thunder. There was too much energy in this storm for me to feel safe outside, but I watched for a long while through a window.

I haven’t seen a storm like this one in a while. The lightning didn’t feel intimidating or scary. It was almost playful. Have you ever watched a toddler playing with a ball that’s as big as they are? They just throw themselves into it, bounce off, giggle their heads off and do it again. That was what the lightning was doing last night. Bouncing around, playing, having fun. The wind and rain also wanted to enjoy themselves too. The wind would howl and throw the rain around in swirls and waves. The patterns the falling rain made in the street were interesting.

I guess everything needs some fun every now and again. I’m taking this as my sign that I desperately need to do something fun before my Summer is over. I don’t know what that fun thing will be or how it’s happening, but its something I need to do.

I have nine days left. Let’s see what happens.


Day 130: More Rain

It’s been raining for 48 hours straight. Plus, its windy and cold.

Not cool, nature. Not cool.

I wouldn’t mind the rain, but I don’t need the cold. I’m over cold weather.

The flooding in the area is getting bad too. The river is majorly swollen and many businesses and farms are feeling the pain. People have been forced out of their homes and its heartbreaking. I’ve been keeping the displaced in my thoughts.

On the other hand, the Sun comes back tomorrow! Don’t get your arks ready just yet. We’re gonna be just fine!